Welcome to Kennedy-Carrick Consulting; experts in marketing, strategy and customer optimisation

Based in Melbourne and Sydney, we provide consulting services in the disciplines of marketing, sales, innovation and customer revenue growth opportunities as well as  executive coaching through the 10X coaching network. We are also currently providing executive mentoring services to a number of high profile corporate leaders.

We have worked with FMCG Multinationals  right down to greenfield start ups.  We have  great results and good fun in the SME space  where working closely with our clients, we focus on creating a decisive, entrepreneurial,  innovative and fast moving culture.

Having worked in Asia, US and Australia we have a  broad and deep  understanding of geographies, industries and market positions.  This means we can “cut to the chase and get on with solving your problems and challenges.

Paul is passionate about building strong distinct brands. He helps Executives get their Business’s growing and realizing their brand potential.

He says “Creativity is the most under used and under appreciated company value and it’s my mission to assist management teams in finding and using their collective creative talent to build superior brands and businesses

Our marketplace perspective is driven around a Client, Customer, Consumer centric model that reminds us constantly that they pay our salaries/fees and in todays highly competitive, hard to differentiate world we must ensure we exceed and excite our their expectations and goals.

We are “media agnostic” meaning that we appreciate the balance of traditional  and digital  media and the respective opportunities they both bring.

We encourage you to visit the http://www.sportssuper.com.au  websitewhere you can find a range of highly competitive products that will give you great value for money, superior coverage, a lower cost and a small % will flow back to your chosen sport at no cost to you !


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