About Kennedy-Carrick Consulting

Carrick Intellectual Capital, now Kennedy-Carrick Consulting was started by Paul Kennedy in 2002 as a Marketing & Sales consultancy. Since then we have built networks with key experts in a number of areas. This has been in collaboration on certain projects or as referrals to and from clients; We have direct linkages with the following experts and their business’:
Strategy & Human Resources –
http://www.Northeastquadrantconsulting.com.au – Peter Pychtin

Knowledge Management & Resourcing –http://www.ventureknowledge.com specialising in customer relationship development  and pricing optimisation.


Corporate Relationships & Productions – http://www.Cahoots.com.au – Bill Macartney


Melbourne: OMG creative: Peter Murphy, Mike O’Keefe. peter@omgcreative.com.au,0411 237069

mike@omgcreative.com.au,  03 96540532


MJW Advertising: Paul McKay 0418238101


Brand Health


Kevin Mier 0412 313213

Market Research – 

Andrew Kelly- quantitative

Financial services in Sports & Charities & Sports Marketing & Management

Simon@sports_super.com.au paul@sports_super.com.au

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