Testimonials : They told us so !

Whilst we have worked for a wide range of clients  from Multi National FMCG, Financial services and Resources businesses. We specialise in the SME space where we provide a range of sales marketing services.

Here is a selection of some of the Clients we have and continue to have involvement with.

Paul is an outstanding strategic resource. He gets brands, consumers and business models and the relationship between them. He has a proven ability to identify market opportunities and frame pathways to access them.” David Ansell: Global President of the Nutro Company, a unit of Mars Inc. Former CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Australia.

– “Despite being a major Australian brand, the Marketing Department of Hungry Jack’s was quite small and Paul was an integral part of the team. I believe marketing expertise is measured by the successful application of rational theories to emotional decisions. Paul has demonstrated an excellent ability to balance both sides of that equation to produce outstanding results. Knowing what our customers were going to DO in response to a strategy is a greater skill than developing the strategy itself.” Jim Wilson -Marketing Director Hungry Jacks

– “I have known Paul Kennedy for fifteen years, having first dealt with him in his capacity as marketing head of Foster’s Group. I have always found Paul to be outcome-focused and a immensely capable executive that provides high level analytical thinking and independent objective advice.  Paul enjoys extensive operational experience and a strong entrepreneurial track record, with significant corporate advisory, strategy experience, and thought leadership in markets for business services, finance, consumer and retail, food/beverage and agriculture, technology and sustainability sectors.  He’s an experienced senior industry professional that posses strong integrity and discretion. Paul comes highly recommended for those seeking valuable commercial direction, insight and advice.” Christopher Gilbert, Senior Vice President and Managing Director IMG

– “Put simply, Paul Kennedy has the sharpest, most intuitive intellect I have encountered in the marketing and communications industry.
This intellect is broad based in that Paul has unique strategic capabilities across Business, Finance and Marketing as would be expected
from his Senior Executive responsibilities in top one hundred companies around the globe. However, what separates Paul is his USP of bringing his analytical skills to bear in simplifying the most complex and difficult of challenges and then developing long term strategic thinking.
An erstwhile boss of mine once said:”In life, there are complicators and simplifiers”.Paul Kennedy is definitely of the latter persuasion.
” Kevin Mier -George Patterson Partners

We now live in an Arithmocracy where those astute and skilled with numbers are more important than ever. Paul Kennedy is one of the most numerically adept business individuals I have ever met. The lens he brings to the metrics of any business is that of growth and opportunity, he has a rare talent where others have skill sets. ” – Mike Morrison – Managing director – Innocean worldwide 

– “When Mr Kennedy became Chairman of GSW the rapidly growing aquaculture company required critical strategies and direction in marketing, branding and sales in South East Asia, Japan, China and the Australian domestic market. Mr Kennedy did an outstanding job in a complex emerging industry which resulted in the company becoming an industry leader. I hold Mr Kennedy in very high regard due to his clear observations in a business setting and his ability to make a difference in the areas of growth and profits.” – Anton Krsinich – CEO – Great Southern Waters Abalone

-“Paul’s expertise in developing our consumer value proposition and our strategic sales plan has been paramount. Having worked with Paul in-depth over the last year I highly recommend seeking his counsel with NPD and in developing a sales and marketing strategy. Pauls career achievements and experience provides wisdom which is matched with a creative and perceptive mind. Paul provides clarity of thought and importantly, constructive advice when you need it most” – James Plowright -PWN Inc


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